Banjo Lesson: Combine Melodic Style with Forward, Reverse and Alternating Roll

This lesson does contain two basic, different ideas .
The first idea is made up of a G and G7 chord over two bars which are being repeated. Both bars consist of the forward- and reverse roll combined with the Pinch and a Melodic idea:

D ———–0——————-3——- ————0———–3—2—-0——–
B ——0——————–0———— ——–0——0———————0—-
G –0——0——-0———-0——- —0——-0———-0——————-
D —————————————– ———————————————
G —————————————– ———————————————–

N,B: Notice Pinch contains melody and melodic run-down at end.

The second idea contains 4 bars made up of the alternating roll, which is played by alternating G (5th) string with the D (4th) string while sticking the G (3rd) string in between . The Melodic ideas are all played on the D (4th) string:

D ————————————————– ———————————————
B ————————————————– ———————————————
G ————0————0——–0—–0——- ——–0——–0———————-0–
D ——————–0—————–0———– ————-0—————3—2–0—–
G —0————————-0——————— —0—————————————-

D —————————————————- ———————————————
B —————————————————- ———————————————-
G ————0———–0——–0——0——– ——–0——0—————————-
D ——————0——————-0———– ————-0—————-3——-5—-
G —0————————-0——————– —-0—————————————-

N.B: Observe all 4 bars are made up of similar alternating roll which changes towards end of 2nd and 4th bar.

Check out video at bottom of this article where I play these two basic ideas combined with more melodic, improvised ideas.

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